Hey Earnest,

I couldn't figure out how to e-mail these pictures to your telephone without running up huge text message charges, so I put them on this Web server instead.

As you may recall, about ten days ago we spoke on Ira Alexander's phone about getting an air conditioner compressor installed at 4901 Avenue I, across 49th Street from Ira's house.

At that time you told me to send you some photos of the thing. Your suggestion was to send them to your telephone number, but it looks like that'd be pretty expensive to receive. From what I gather Internet charges run a lot less per byte received, so here you go:

The first picture is of the top of the unit:

The next is of the plate which shows the compressor's electrical rating:

This one is of the logo plate on the front of the unit:

Finally, you'd asked me about the breakers for the unit. As it turns out there is one breaker panel inside the house, which appears to control the 110V wiring inside, and another on the outside of the house, just beneath the meter, which appears to control all the 2-phase stuff:

Note the "CIRCUIT INDEX" at the bottom of the photo. I didn't bother including it in this shot because nothing is recorded there. (I think old Mr. Atkinson did a lot of the wiring himself, and he did not adhere to many formalities.)

You had also told me to put tape over the ends of the refrigerant pipes leading into the house. No luck there: it appears that the Copper Thieves took the damn' pipe also. No ends were in evidence. So we may not need just the compressor, but the dryer unit also.

I now have the inside wiring fixed and should wind up the floors this weekend. The A/C compressor is the last thing that needs to be done.

You'd suggested a used unit. This is fine with me as I'm on a fairly tight budget, putting each paycheck into these renovations.

If you would, please send a ballpark estimate of the cost. It doesn't have to be precise, as I figure you'd want to have a look before committing to a number. But I'm curious about whether it'll eat up the money I have or leave some for some more improvements.

I think I gave you my telephone number, but here's how to get in touch:

telephone: 205-796-8125

e-mail: rlwatkins@ieee.org

Bob Watkins